Maryann’s story…

So, here we are! Embarking on a brand new and exciting journey. Scary huh? You want to know how it all started? Then read on, most of this is taken from blogs I posted elsewhere but it does paint a picture of how we ended up right here.

When I left school I was 100% sure that the only thing I wanted to do was be a photographer, unfortunately life had other ideas. I was a very different person back then. I was 25 before I started to become the person I am today and 29 before I just got up and decided to give it a go! Life is too short and all that. I had always been creative and made a living from that, which I loved but I still had this niggling “what if” so I went for it and signed up for my first college course.

I have been very lucky lately and had some people that not only love my photo’s enough to hire me to photograph their children, but recommend me to their friends and family too. But the nerves are still there! They fade with practise though, right? I hope so!

I’m the world best worrier (perhaps it comes from being told “you can’t” for so long) left to my own devices I wouldn’t actually get anything done just spend my days over analysing everything and that really doesn’t get us anywhere does it? So I’m taking advice from a blog post I wrote a long time ago –

“Take your moments when you can.

Don’t regret – Learn from it.

Don’t be sorry – It’s done.

If you can change it – Do it NOW.

Don’t say I’ll do it tomorrow, because there’s not always a next time. I found that out first hand.”

Im going to chase my rainbow, wish me luck!

Maryann x 

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