Destroyer of hearts – behind the scenes.

BTC peter-1


Model – Pure Hatred

Mask – Albert Freek

Photographer – Maryann Morris

I have been missing out on time in the studio lately, instead going for  more landscape images, but, and yes I know I’m being a wimp here – its cold.

I’ve had the idea of using a heart as a prop in my head for a while now, I just had to find the right person to collaborate with – someone that didn’t mind doing something a little more alternative and was open to expanding the idea. I have worked with Peter a few times now and always worked rather well together and he was very much interested in my plan.

Here’s how the day progressed.

BTC peter-1-2

BTC peter-1-5

BTC peter-1-3

BTC peter-1-4

Who doesn’t need a sparkly heart?


And some of the final images – 
peter carey re edits LR-4 peter carey re edits LR-1
peter carey 9 LR-1peter carey 7 LR-1

peter carey re edits LR-5



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