Milkshakes against fascism

Politics used to attract the brightest and best, now it attracts the dumbest and meanest – Hunter S Thompson.     Milkshakes were harmed in the making of this photoseries   All views are very very much my own. However, whatever your views, please make sure you vote today.   I’ll publish right or wrong: Fools are my theme, let Satire be my song. – Lord Byron

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  What is masculinity? As a woman who’s only experience with masculinity has been destructive and narcissistic, this project discusses what it is to be a man and whether that masculinity must always be toxic.     As soon as I mention masculinity men run, we are predisposed to try and conform to society’s normal, that’s what I’m trying to illuminate with this project, society’s norm is not your regular man, what makes men masculine, strong if you like, is […]

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Body confidence, just for women? Not here its not.

We all have those little insecurities, how much they affect us is subjective, one man’s hill is another man’s mountain. Sometimes I feel the “media” has a lot to answer for. People do not need this skewed perception of perfect and normal. Something that could be used to enhance and celebrate is continuously used as a set of goals for women, and men, to aspire to. Unhealthy in even the most “normal” of circumstances, but this unrealistic ideal seeks to […]

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Carina – Studio test

Sometimes its good to try something new, mess around and have some fun with likeminded amazing people! So last week I coerced my friend Carina to come play for the afternoon, bribed with chocolate cake she unbegrudgingly came along. Bearing in mind neither of use knew what we wanted to do or how the afternoon would play out, I don’t think the results are too shabby at all! We ended up chanelling some Guillermo Del Toro crossed with Tyra Banks […]

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Can art change the world?

Does a piece of art change anything in the modern world or are we so desensitised to seeing controversial images that it has no effect and we no longer notice it? Historically arts ability to change perceptions and society has always been considered viable as far back as the renaissance and cultural teachings of cave paintings in the neolithic era. The fundamental difference being the limited audience available pre the internet age, has the digital age expanded the distribution of […]

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Destroyer of hearts – behind the scenes.

  Model – Pure Hatred Mask – Albert Freek Photographer – Maryann Morris I have been missing out on time in the studio lately, instead going for  more landscape images, but, and yes I know I’m being a wimp here – its cold. I’ve had the idea of using a heart as a prop in my head for a while now, I just had to find the right person to collaborate with – someone that didn’t mind doing something a little more alternative and […]

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The day of the dead

So today I tried something a little new for me, not only the style of photo but I did the makeup too, mainly because its a Saturday afternoon and we could! I have the perfect model in my daughter, only happy to help in return for a lift to her friends house. I really wouldn’t mind doing some more like this. What do you think?    

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Film photography in the modern world

Does film photography still have a place in the modern world? is it at all relevant with the constant upgrading of new digital sensors that capable of resolutions that we only dreamed of? With the simplicity of taking digital images, that can be edited, uploaded, shared and printed with seconds of being taken, why would we bother with the laborious process that is analog photography?  Is there still room for the cameras of 50 years ago? Does it even have […]

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Maryann’s story…

So, here we are! Embarking on a brand new and exciting journey. Scary huh? You want to know how it all started? Then read on, most of this is taken from blogs I posted elsewhere but it does paint a picture of how we ended up right here. When I left school I was 100% sure that the only thing I wanted to do was be a photographer, unfortunately life had other ideas. I was a very different person back […]

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