Carina – Studio test

Sometimes its good to try something new, mess around and have some fun with likeminded amazing people! So last week I coerced my friend Carina to come play for the afternoon, bribed with chocolate cake she unbegrudgingly came along.



Bearing in mind neither of use knew what we wanted to do or how the afternoon would play out, I don’t think the results are too shabby at all!

We ended up chanelling some Guillermo Del Toro crossed with Tyra Banks circa 2004!

Its great to be able to think outside of the box, try new techniques and of course let off some smoke bombs in the studio. carina-3 2

If you have a unique idea for a photoshoot, or want a photographer with a creative eye, lets have a chat and see what we can come up with!

Model – Carina Iannou


Can art change the world?
Body confidence, just for women? Not here its not.

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