Body confidence, just for women? Not here its not.

We all have those little insecurities, how much they affect us is subjective, one man’s hill is another man’s mountain.

Sometimes I feel the “media” has a lot to answer for. People do not need this skewed perception of perfect and normal. Something that could be used to enhance and celebrate is continuously used as a set of goals for women, and men, to aspire to. Unhealthy in even the most “normal” of circumstances, but this unrealistic ideal seeks to make life only harder for those facing any form variance from that which is traditionally considered the norm. Should we as the general public not be embracing and supporting of any kind of diversity whether that be inherited or chosen? As soon as I mention masculinity men run, we are predisposed to try and conform to society’s normal, that’s what I’m trying to illuminate with this project, society’s norm is not your regular man, what makes men masculine, strong if you like, is all their little quirks, the side you can’t see, that the media strives to keep hidden.

Who says the body positivity movement is just for women? Well, the media and mass society actually, I want to expose that for that it is, a load of crap!

“Vulnerability; the quality or state of being exposed to the possibility of being attacked or harmed, either physically or emotionally.

I did the shoot in order to expose my vulnerability, to promote the fact there are not just two body types of men that we see in the media (Super Buff or Super Skinny). People see me and think, brute, fat, scary when in reality I feel strength through emotional maturity. I believe people should have an open perception and wider understanding of themselves, who they affect and how they are affected.

While strong in appearance, my awareness of self is constantly hypocritical and fragile, I am rarely the person you perceive me to be.” Orlando


Share your own experiences on your social media using the hashtag #bodypositivitynotjustforwomen and show the men you care about they can be proud of who they are, or be brave and join in with the project, this is all about the hidden, whether that is the hidden effects of something, an illness you cant see or a choice you get judged for.

It’s easy not to see what is in front of you, not to understand, to listen without hearing. Throughout this project the common theme is how people are misjudged in society, all that’s needed to make the world a better place, is a little understanding and some solidarity with our fellow humans.

So, if you’re interested in taking part in the project, drop me a message, tell me a little about yourself and why you want to participate and I’ll get back to you within a few days.
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