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25 Mar 2017

Body Confidence – Guest post


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Body confidence comes from a lot of different places and in many forms.

Some find it from compliments, some from wearing makeup or maybe those special heels you’ve been wanting to buy yourself. Wherever it comes from in whatever form women should feel comfortable to gain confidence however they choose.

Personally I had no confidence In myself at all, body or emotionally partly down to a lot of crappy stuff happening to me as a young child and then as a young women, it has taken me a long time to gain confidence in any form. Especially the fact that I could be loved for who I was and not for how I looked or behaved, I thought that I would only be loved for what I could do and give to others. This meant that any friends I thought I had were not true friends and partners were only there for one thing.

By the age of 18 I had given up on anything real until I met my now husband. He loves me with no makeup wobbly bits after having our daughter even my pumps in the bed at night.

But still as I looked in the mirror I didn’t see what everyone else saw I saw a damaged little girl that was nothing special and couldn’t understand why anyone would want to take on this damaged person. I know I’m not over weight, I understand that not everything goes back to the way it was after having a child but still felt unattractive inside and out.

So, I decided to do something about it I took a flight on my own with our daughter to gain some confidence in being on my own with her which was great but when we came home I still had no self-esteem.


I decided to do a boudoir shoot with my sister. I was so nervous and felt like a complete twat thinking the photos are going to look like shit and she should photograph someone else prettier with a perfect body.

We done the shoot and I went home thinking she would say the photos aren’t right etc……

WELL ……………

I have learnt a huge lesson that we don’t always see the truth in a mirror even if its staring straight back at us, having this photoshoot done with no photoshop other than light and tone changes has forced me to see that actually I am a yummy mummy even with all the faults I see in myself.

Sometimes all it takes is someone else taking a photo of you to force you to see the real you in the mirror. I know I’m proud of who I am inside and out all thanks to her showing me the real me.

Please, comment and let me know if you have found ways of increasing your confidence!


Sarah Rawski
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