Month: October 2015

24 Oct 2015

The day of the dead

So today I tried something a little new for me, not only the style of photo but I did the makeup too, mainly because its a Saturday afternoon and we could! I have the perfect model in my daughter, only happy to help in return for a lift to her friends house. I really wouldn’t mind doing some more like this. What do you think?

Amy day of the dead lr wm-1



19 Oct 2015

The studio is open




Its taken me years to get to the point where I can realistically have my own studio space set up permanently and it means so so much to me! Those of you that read my first post on here will realise why, for those that didn’t – lets say I finally have what I want after years of being told no and that I’m not good enough. Its a huge deal for me.

It also means I don’t have to cart all my kit about for photoshoots meaning that absolutely everything is on hand when I take your beautiful photos, giving us more options for the end results and if its not indoor photos you are looking for? There is a acre of grounds for us to play in too!

The studio is set up so we can use it for most kinds of photography, so help me enjoy it and message me to book! 

studio LR-2

There is a range of backdrops and props available, but feel free to bring along anything you feel might add to the experience. 

studio LR-1